3 Ways to Distinguish the Best SEO Software from the Bad SEO Software!
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It may take some time to find the best SEO software or find the right SEO firm to work on your website. However, you can find ways to distinguish the bad software from the good software. Whether you are hiring an SEO firm to do the work for you or you are using your own SEO software, there are three things that you should be mindful of.

The Use of ‘Black Hat’ SEO Techniques

SEO software and SEO practitioners have ways to bring up the rankings of any website. There are some firms that employ the use of ‘black hat’ SEO and some of the ‘black hat’ techniques include keyword stuffing, doorway pages, invisible text, and linking schemes.

The most prevalent of such techniques is keyword stuffing. It is the cramming of many keywords into a webpage’s text without any attempt to make vital information for a human reader. Long keyword lists or keywords that are repeated randomly are big no-no’s for SEO.

Creating Bad Content

The best SEO software does not create bad content, but the unscrupulous companies or software do. A good case study, blog post, or relevant content-heavy page on a website naturally has relevant keywords and can attract inbound links. Bad software or unscrupulous companies create content that may be keyword-heavy, but are light on real value.

Providing a One-Time Fix without Ongoing Maintenance

SEO should always be an ongoing process. The content of the site has to be maintained constantly. This can be done by the SEO software or a reputable SEO firm. Content must be refreshed, inbound links should be regularly added, and the keyword strategies must be tweaked strategically.

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